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Here are some blog posts about twitter that sparked my interest this week. I thought It would be worth sharing it here.

9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of Problogger blog tips. This is an exceptional blog post written by him about the benefits of using twitter. The author shares his experiences in using twitter. Twitter is used quiet efficiently for research tool, personal branding, content promotion, improving readership, networking,previews, story grathering and for collecting opinion. This is an honest review of darran rowse about his experiences with twitter. He is well focused about the topic and explained it with some interesting examples.

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8 Easy Ways to Network on Twitter

This blog post explains about the networking capabilities of twitter. How a strong network can be built from twitter as a real time communication media. There re different methods to attract the attention of your followers and they are the facilitators of a good networking platform. Retweets, shoutouts and Engaging in conversations are all ways to establish relationships with others. Some conversations initiated from twitter goes off twitter as well. It is worth reading this blog post as it gives a good insight about “Networking with twitter”

Help! My Groceries are Tweeting and they are terrible

Chris Brogan the famous blogger and the York Times bestselling co-author of Trust agents. His blog, [], is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. Chris explains about the grocery stores tweeting about their products. Some examples are illustrated here with the screenshots of their twitter time line. Some of them are not updated while some others are poorly tweeted. Twitter accounts of some companies like the coke are well to do twitter accounts which are updated and well maintained. It is a informative and fun to read the tweets of these grocery store.

"chris brogan"

Recommended to read

Twitter blog posts – Top Three Articles About Twitter

Twitter Blog Posts of the Month

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