Top Twitter Imperatives for Bloggers


Most bloggers are used to writing blog posts on topics that demand word length of 400 to 600 words. They find it extremely challenging to write blog post with word limit "blogging"restricted to a mere 140 words. Twitter is all about beingcrisp and sharp in approach. Slightest error can cause a great loss in the bloggers reputation and in case you are using Twitter for blog promotion following the imperatives is of utmost importance.

1.) Perfect language

Twitter demands the blogger to be specific in terms of words and content. Restricting the post to a mere 140 words and coming up with a quality post demands skill and great understanding of English language. Be concise and clear in your approach and you are sure to emerge among the top.

2.) Do not loose cool

You might be dealing with a tough topic that demands you to be critical on an issue. Do not get tempted and write comments that can spoil any persons reputation. This will work against you and dent your image as a blogger. Have a neutral opinion on a topic and write accordingly. This will help you remain in the limelight for a longer period.

3.) Be ready for criticism

Twitter is a fast mode of online communication and you will notice that readers will respond quickly to your blog posts. Some of them might not agree with your viewpoint and might offer critical suggestions. As an experienced blogger, the first instinct should be not to respond immediately and offer creative solutions at a later stage. This will not only help soothe the other person but will establish your authority in the niche area.

4.) Give correct facts

You might be writing on technology or offering valuable tips related to a travel plan. Being correct with the facts is of utmost importance as any wrong information is bound to create confusion among the readers. Cross check your facts at least twice. The hard work you do in verifying the facts will work to your advantage and help you establish your authority on the topic.

5.) Be unbiased

It is very easy to get influenced and as a blogger your first instinct should be to offer unbiased views on any topic, be it related to movies, politics or business. Do not get tempted and offer a biased view. The young generation who uses Twitter is extremely intelligent and will catch you in case you write a biased comment.

6.) Don’t get off the track

Mixing politics and business is not a great idea and this holds true in blogging arena too. While offering comments on Twitter ensure that you do not mix two topics as this can confuse the reader. Be clear in your approach and offer well researched information.

7.) Do quality research

As the Twitter post is to be concise in terms of length, doing quality research on the topic will work to your advantage as you can come up with quality post. Go through all the aspects of a topic and concise the same in the prescribed word limit. This will help you come up with a quality post.

Follow the above listed tips and you are sure to become a quality blogger whose posts will be awaited with interest on Twitter.

"Author"About the author: Carol is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, travelling and internet surfing. She contributes for internet marketing

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