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There are several blogs dedicated to twitter and social media. Based on requests from my "twitter blog post"readers, I made a research about some of the interesting blog posts about twitter. Here I would like to rate them based on the quality of the articles. – Understanding the Twitter would lead to big possibilities online

This is a twitter blog post that describes about the best practices in twitter. How to build a good network in twitter, the do’s and don’ts in twitter, What you would do in twitter to gain good respect and influence among your followers. These areas are described in detail here. So It gives an idea about optimum use of the biggest micro blogging platform on internet. - Five Benefits of Using Twitter

Tamar Weinberg is a respected author and blogger in the social media marketing space. In this blog post. Tamar focuses about the five benefits of twitter as a good media for the online community. Here she focuses on five main points.  How twitter can be used for conferences, twitter as a tracking device, twitter as a marketing tool, twitter as a feed reader, twitter as a news breaker are the main benefits identified by her. She is an author with unique writing style which is easily understandable. – Developing Your Twitter Strategy

Joel Comm is a an eminent entrepreneur, speaker, author, blogger, Internet and TV celebrity and after all a social media evangelist. He is the author of the best selling book published by newyork times about twitter “Twitter Power – How to Dominate Your Market – One Tweet at a Time. Here in this blog post he discusses about how to develop a tailor made twitter strategy to accomplish our unique goals and objectives. This blog post also concentrates on effective twitter practices for personal well being as a genuine tweeter.

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