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7 Tips For Marketing Via Twitter

The 140-characters social network somehow has become attractive for promoting business online. And if you want your business to become a success, it’s a worthy idea to take this into consideration and supply your business with presence in Twitter. First of all, find out if your target audience is concentrated here. If the answer is [...]

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Top Twitter Imperatives for Bloggers

Most bloggers are used to writing blog posts on topics that demand word length of 400 to 600 words. They find it extremely challenging to write blog post with word limit restricted to a mere 140 words. Twitter is all about beingcrisp and sharp in approach. Slightest error can cause a great loss in the [...]

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How to get people to follow you on Twitter?

Getting Twitter followers would not do much good unless they are not targeted. There is no easy method to get them. Being active in twitter is the best mantra for being successful in twitter. Content – As in any other information media, content is important in twitter as well. Twitter restricts the word count to [...]

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Twitter Blog Posts – Top three articles about twitter.

There are several blogs dedicated to twitter and social media. Based on requests from my readers, I made a research about some of the interesting blog posts about twitter. Here I would like to rate them based on the quality of the articles. Blog.tweetsmarter.com – Understanding the Twitter would lead to big possibilities online This [...]

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Get Twitter Followers Instantly – Strategies

Getting Twitter followers instanly is a matter of great interest for beginners than experts. Twitter followers need to be targeted in most cases. But in certain cases, It may not be that important. For example, If your products or services are related to social media. All who uses twitter might be interested in social media [...]

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Promote on Twitter – Get Business for FREE with Offers

FREE or DISCOUNT is a magical word for every marketer to promote on twitter their products or services . You can use it effectively in Twitter as well. You would offer something free of cost. It would fetch you some sales for nothing. It would attract the attention of many of your followers. If you [...]

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The Best Time to Tweet

The best time to tweet would be different for different users.  Here is the findings of the study made by Gary McCaffry.The  best time to tweet is anywhere between 9 AM – 3 PM PST. Social Media Guide says that best time to tweet is 9:00 AM PST, this will allow you to hit people across the globe. [...]

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Write Tweets – How to write winning Tweets?

Twitter allows you to write messages less than 140 characters of length. These messages are called “tweets”. So twitter is widely known as a micro-blogging website.Twitter sparked the fire for a new revolution in micro-blogging and social networking arena. Writing tweets can be considered as an art as it involves lot of thinking and creativity. A [...]

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Brand Twitter – Enhance your Influence

Twitter is a place where you are noticed through the 140 line messages that you publish through twitter. Yes, You are just like a newspaper who is having subscribers equal to the number followers you have. In Twitter, advertisements are free where as it is expensive in a news paper. You may see many people [...]

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