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Twellow – Useful tool for Twitter

Twellow is the yellow page for twitter profiles. There are different categories in twellow where you can list your twitter profile for free. Registering at twellow enables you to create a twellow profile wher you can add categories, links and your bio. People of different interest groups can list their profiles themselves under predefined categories. [...]

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Social Media Case Study – Virgin America

Social Media Case Study – Virgin America Virgin wanted to redefine their service and reposition it with new looks and luxuries. It added some fun and tech forward amenities such as custom designed cabins, leather seats, video touch screens and wifi connectivity at each seats at a very reasonable fair. Virgin wanted to communicate about [...]

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Social Media Affiliate Marketing Advantage

Affiliate Marketing is an area where you would make some quick cash with social media with less effort. The only thing you need for doing this is a big list of followers or friends who are well targeted to buy the products of affiliates. It would be better to affiliate products which are really worth [...]

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Tweetback – An Effective tool for Egyptians

Tweetback is most effectively used by Egyptians for networking and communicating for the reforms that happened and are still in heat among the Egyptians. “Tweetback ” . A brand new twitter start-up founded in Cairo has raised over $200.000 with in one week.  It acts as tool for public involvement in the egyptian society. Tweetback [...]

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Social Media in Politics

Social Media has been used in politics for election campaigning since President Obama had succesfully used Social media for his election campaigns. Thanks to Scott Goodstein, the man behind the President Obama campiagn deserves a great appreciation in this regard.“His election success wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have the right message and the right messenger,” Goodstein [...]

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Twitter Scam – How twitter is used for promoting Scam?

Twitter has emerged as a popular media for business promotions. As any other media for mass communication, Twitter is increasingly used for promoting scam as well.Tsunami hit Japan’s Twitter scam shores on 11th March 2011. I received a sponsored tweet opportunity for promoting donating to Japan’s Tsunami relief funds. It was a private company promoting this [...]

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Social Media and Purchasing Power of Users

Purchasing Power is a factor which is often ignored by many socialmedia admirers and users . But When you try promoting your products or services through twitter or any other Social Media . Does it makes sense if the followers are targeted and they are not willing to spend on your products even though they [...]

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Twitter in Business

Twitter is obviously the most powerful among all social networking websites to have a multitude of uses in the web.Using Twitter in Business would deliver best results at free of cost than any other media as ROI is certain because the service it powerful and absolutely free for all. Twitter gained popularity as a tool [...]

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Twitter for Sales – Cross Selling of Products

It is wise for you to have a product line which is similar to your core product as it would help you in the promotion of other products as well. Having 10000 Targeted followers in Twitter means you have 10000 people to listen and respond to what you say. So let us make the talks [...]

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Promote on Twitter – Get Business for FREE with Offers

FREE or DISCOUNT is a magical word for every marketer to promote on twitter their products or services . You can use it effectively in Twitter as well. You would offer something free of cost. It would fetch you some sales for nothing. It would attract the attention of many of your followers. If you [...]

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