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Getting Started with Social Media

There are many social networking sites to choose from. Each network haves it’s own unique features, users and advantages. Select the Community – What community actually suits your business. You may do a research about your business. Whether your company is mentioned in tweets? You found a video uploaded in you tube about your company [...]

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So.cl – The new entrant to the social networking space from Microsoft.

With so.cl  –  Microsoft is also planning to bring it’s presence in the social networking space. Soon the social networking platform of Microsoft will be open to public. Microsoft plans some thing innovative and unique to capture the pie from facebook, twitter and other leading social media. Microsoft also intends to promote it’s search engine [...]

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Video sharing application goes Social with Looplr

Looplr is a real time social video sharing application for smartphones. You would record a video or upload a video file from your mobile to looplr and share it with your friends. You would also comment on the videos as well. The community is rich with people from almost all countries. The app is available [...]

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Social Bookmarking and Social Networking Combined

Social Bookmarking and social networking is very much associated with each other and different components of the social web. I tried to combine these two and the results were astonishing. You would share your content url with stumbleupon. It would inturn generate another url with stumbleupon. This page directs to your website or blog and [...]

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Social Network Life Cycle in Marketing

Social Network Life Cycle is often ignored when marketers promote a product through Social Networking websites. But it is important to study the different phases of Social Network Life Cycle when we promote a Product or Service through Social Network. Different Social networking sites may be in different stages of Social Network Life Cycle. Each [...]

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GooglePlus Brand pages Getting Hot

Googleplus announced “brand pages” after 5 months of it’s launch. It faced criticism from users that the companies do not have room to communicate with individuals on googleplus and now it had found a remedy for it.  Google added this feature to compete with the facebook pages. Fox News, Toyota, Pepsi and Burberry are the [...]

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Linkedin Leads – How to Generate them?

Linkedin Leads are often ignored by many marketers for their advertising and tele calling  campaigns. It is really useful for b2b lead generation. It is free and credible as well. There are many email lists available in the market for use by online marketers. Most of the email list vendors claim that they are genuine [...]

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How Twitter is different?

Twitter is something unique in the social networking arena. Twitter gained popularity in promoting business online during the last couple of years. What makes twitter different is it’s simplicity. It is just posting a 140 character  message to a group of people who accepts to receive these messages . They do have an option to [...]

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