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Social Media for b2b Marketing

Social Media is effectively used in b2b Marketing. 86% of the firms are using social media as a part of their marketing strategy. There are over 140 million tweets every day a. At an average of 15 words per tweet that is equivalent to tweeting the entire contents of the Encyclopedia every day. b. There [...]

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How to Get Followers to a Website

Getting followers towards other content pages is one of the most common uses of twitter. , You might also want to send them to a purchase page or registration page as well. Some might even expect their followers to click on the ads placed in their website. You cannnot tell your followers directly to do [...]

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Facebook Promotion Case Study – Nokia

A facebook promotion was launched by Nokia in 2010 for their free interactive map to the smart phone users.  The campaign targeted all Facebook users in Europe, Latin America and Asia who are above 13 years of age. It aims to make them aware that their free GPS service would be used while driving or [...]

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Linkedin Email Marketing Versus Traditional Email Marketing

Email marketing through linkedin is powerful compared to tradional email marketing methods. Linkedin is increasingly used by corporates for marketing their products and services. No Spam – There is no spam in linked in. You would send emails to other linkedin users who permitted to receive emails from you. So Linkedin is free from Spams. [...]

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Facebook Brand Pages – How to make it effective?

Facebook brand pages options are contantly enhanced, The business users of facebook are trying to brand and market their pages while trying keep updated with the frequent changes. The strategy to increase facebook likes you used last month may not be so effective in this dynamic scenario. I would like to share some quick branding [...]

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WeReward – The Mobile Marketing App

WeReward is a cutting edge approach to product marketing in which you can use a mobile location based service. You would sign in to facebook, foursquare or twitter and recommend the products listed in the app to your friends, fans or followers. WeReward was launched 17 months back by izea. Consumers would earn points equal [...]

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Social Media Case Study – Virgin America

Social Media Case Study – Virgin America Virgin wanted to redefine their service and reposition it with new looks and luxuries. It added some fun and tech forward amenities such as custom designed cabins, leather seats, video touch screens and wifi connectivity at each seats at a very reasonable fair. Virgin wanted to communicate about [...]

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Linkedin ads – How to Make the Best out of it

Target your Linkedin ads Well before you start ad campaign in linkedin. You should know about your target prospects. You should serve the ads to the most ideal demography would benefit from your ads. You may filter it based on job title, job type, industry, employee size, geography, gender, and LinkedIn group membership. If the [...]

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Linkedin Ads – Best Option for b2b promotions

Linkedin is the most popular professional social networking website with over 100 millionusers worldwide. If your company sells it’s product or service to other business. Linked in is undoubtedly the best platform available for b2b advertisement. Linkedin advertisement serves the ads to serious business people and professionals. You have the opportunity to target your advertisement based [...]

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Incorporate Social Media To Improve Your Business

Incorporating social media into your business is an intricate and daunting process even for an experienced and skilled social media marketer since the aspect flows in fast moving pace. And for a newbie entrepreneur or starting small business, the complexities may be amplified. There is no going around social media so you’ll have to learn [...]

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