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Social SEO – A Smart Move

With Traditional SEO practices, It would be hard to rank on highly competitive keywords. Social SEO would help to make your catch better. A tweet that wins lot of retweets can win the attention of other social media users and search robots as well. A facebook like or google +ses would bring the same effect. [...]

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How to Get Followers to a Website

Getting followers towards other content pages is one of the most common uses of twitter. , You might also want to send them to a purchase page or registration page as well. Some might even expect their followers to click on the ads placed in their website. You cannnot tell your followers directly to do [...]

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Linkedin Email Marketing Versus Traditional Email Marketing

Email marketing through linkedin is powerful compared to tradional email marketing methods. Linkedin is increasingly used by corporates for marketing their products and services. No Spam – There is no spam in linked in. You would send emails to other linkedin users who permitted to receive emails from you. So Linkedin is free from Spams. [...]

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Email marketing with Linkedin

Email marketing is more effective when you do it with linkedin. Users are seriously interested in business networking and so the email are not unexpected or junk in linkedin. Emails are more targeted and genuine unlike purchased email marketing lists. Emails would be considered more seriously in Linkedin. Email marketing would be done in many [...]

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Social Media as a point of Service Encounter

Social Media is essentially a point of Service Encounter. Service encounter is the point where customer interacts with the service. The service encounter point can be the office of the service provider or office of the franchisee, a website etc. Likewise social media timeline is also a point of service delivery encounter. The points of [...]

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Incorporate Social Media To Improve Your Business

Incorporating social media into your business is an intricate and daunting process even for an experienced and skilled social media marketer since the aspect flows in fast moving pace. And for a newbie entrepreneur or starting small business, the complexities may be amplified. There is no going around social media so you’ll have to learn [...]

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Social media and Email Integrated for Better Results

Social Media and Email are two effective tools for Marketing and an inevitable part of the social web. It makes sense when both these powerful tools are integrated together. Email can have social media sharing capabilities enabled in it. It increases the reach of email and increases your potential. It also helps to identify the [...]

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Social Media Market Place

Social Media is a market place for almost all products. There would be potential buyers and sellers in the social media user pool. You would find a buyer for your house or you would try to sell a rare painting or hand embroidery. Or it could be your car as well. If you have a [...]

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Social Media Affiliate Marketing Advantage

Affiliate Marketing is an area where you would make some quick cash with social media with less effort. The only thing you need for doing this is a big list of followers or friends who are well targeted to buy the products of affiliates. It would be better to affiliate products which are really worth [...]

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Social Media and Marketing Mix

Social Media is essentially a part of Marketing Mix. But it is often confused where to integrate social media in marketing mix. There are four Ps in marketing which are price, place, product and promotion. Product means what you offer for sale. Price includes the value that the customer perceives is converted into money where [...]

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