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Corporate Social Media Regulations to be Liberalised

The big corporates restricts employees to use social media while on work. It would be reduced from 50% to 30% in the next 2 years saysgardnerin a research report here inBangalore. Social Media regulations are liberalized every year to the tune of 10% as per the present scenario. There are employees who overcome these regulations [...]

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Incorporate Social Media To Improve Your Business

Incorporating social media into your business is an intricate and daunting process even for an experienced and skilled social media marketer since the aspect flows in fast moving pace. And for a newbie entrepreneur or starting small business, the complexities may be amplified. There is no going around social media so you’ll have to learn [...]

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Contribution of Social Media to World Business in 2012

Anyone who is familiar with social media realizes the tremendous impact that it has on local businesses. One example of this is seen with Groupon. A restaurant that uses Groupon to deliver virtual coupons to local residents can sometimes see a three hundred percent increase in customer traffic. At the same time, Amazon Local also [...]

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How Social Media Will Influence 2012

The constant evolution of social media on the web as well as its impact on society in the real world never ceases to amaze. It becomes more and more clear as times goes by that we’re just beginning to really tap into the potential of the Internet to impact our daily lives. We saw many [...]

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Corporate Social Networking – The Other Side

Corporate Social networking penetrated it’s roots in every urbanised and modernissed work space. As in any other technological development, Social networking is emerging in a fast pace with immense uses along with the the threats it poses to the corporate world. In Business Development – The business development personal whether it is sale personal or [...]

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Social Media and Purchasing Power of Users

Purchasing Power is a factor which is often ignored by many socialmedia admirers and users . But When you try promoting your products or services through twitter or any other Social Media . Does it makes sense if the followers are targeted and they are not willing to spend on your products even though they [...]

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Social Media Outsourcing – The Emerging Trend

Social Media  is a term which created a buzz in the online marketing arena during the last 5 years.  Twitter, Facebook and Linked in are the prominent among the social media websites. The beneficiaries are varied from individuals to big corporates. Some may find it to be a tedious task to do the social media tasks [...]

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