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7 Tips For Marketing Via Twitter

The 140-characters social network somehow has become attractive for promoting business online. And if you want your business to become a success, it’s a worthy idea to take this into consideration and supply your business with presence in Twitter. First of all, find out if your target audience is concentrated here. If the answer is [...]

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How social Media would help your small business?

Social media would help your grow and your brand equity can be improved. Make sure you have a plan well before you start with something. Whom you have to reach with social media is the first thing to be decided as a part of the social media strategy. What all social networking websites to be [...]

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Modern Social Media Shapes Our Work Culture

Modern Social media is affecting our work culture in many ways. Behind the drive to tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” and gain valuable consumer feedback are excellent moves. Savvy brands are today enjoying the benefits of a truly organic from of consumer driven public awareness activity. Here’s how it works: Joe decides he [...]

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Social Networks for Market Research

Social Network is used for Market Research by business houses as Social Marketers are increasingly looking into Social Networks as a way to showcase their brands, products and services. Indeed, as an active social network user myself, I frequently see brand owners trying to use these channels to gather insights that are traditionally reserved for [...]

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