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Import Email lists to Linkedin

You would upload email addresses from an excel spreadsheet or simply by entering email addresses line after line or separated by comas. You would easily send invitations to people who are outside linkedin contact list. There are two options. If you have an excel spread sheet with email list. You would simply click the button [...]

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Email marketing with Linkedin

Email marketing is more effective when you do it with linkedin. Users are seriously interested in business networking and so the email are not unexpected or junk in linkedin. Emails are more targeted and genuine unlike purchased email marketing lists. Emails would be considered more seriously in Linkedin. Email marketing would be done in many [...]

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Linkedin to Add Follow Company Button

Linkedin announced the launch of a “Follow company” Button. Just like in Twitter or facebook. Linkedin feeds shall be displayed to all members in the network who follows the company. This is a smart move from linkedin to make the network more userfriendly. In addition to “Follow button linkedin introduced a share button that allows [...]

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Linkedin ads – How to Make the Best out of it

Target your Linkedin ads Well before you start ad campaign in linkedin. You should know about your target prospects. You should serve the ads to the most ideal demography would benefit from your ads. You may filter it based on job title, job type, industry, employee size, geography, gender, and LinkedIn group membership. If the [...]

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Linkedin Leads – How to Generate them?

Linkedin Leads are often ignored by many marketers for their advertising and tele calling  campaigns. It is really useful for b2b lead generation. It is free and credible as well. There are many email lists available in the market for use by online marketers. Most of the email list vendors claim that they are genuine [...]

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Social Media Job Market

Social Media is a powerhouse of Talents online for Employers, where as It is a pool of Jobs for employees. Social Media offers a great platform for employers for recruitment, HR Verification and Final selection of the Candidates. The social networking websites that are commonly used are Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Social Media for Recruitment. [...]

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