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Import Email lists to Linkedin

You would upload email addresses from an excel spreadsheet or simply by entering email addresses line after line or separated by comas. You would easily send invitations to people who are outside linkedin contact list. There are two options. If you have an excel spread sheet with email list. You would simply click the button [...]

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Building Linkedin Email Marketing List.

Building a Linkedin email marketing list out of normal email marketing list is much more beneficial compared to traditional email marketing. When we do email marketing though some bulk mail marketing software, It may go into spam or it may not be noticed by the recipients as promotion emails are not considered seriously by many [...]

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Linkedin Email Marketing Versus Traditional Email Marketing

Email marketing through linkedin is powerful compared to tradional email marketing methods. Linkedin is increasingly used by corporates for marketing their products and services. No Spam – There is no spam in linked in. You would send emails to other linkedin users who permitted to receive emails from you. So Linkedin is free from Spams. [...]

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Email marketing with Linkedin

Email marketing is more effective when you do it with linkedin. Users are seriously interested in business networking and so the email are not unexpected or junk in linkedin. Emails are more targeted and genuine unlike purchased email marketing lists. Emails would be considered more seriously in Linkedin. Email marketing would be done in many [...]

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