A study on Twitter and academics


A study was conducted recently on twitter to test the academic brilliance of students who use twitter over students who use facebook. Smart people tend to prefer twitter to "twitter acedemics"facebook. The research finding is published by Michigan State University. It is found that students who are users of twitter are not only interested in their studies but also scores higher grades. The study is headed by the assistant professor of education at the university, Mrs Christina Greenhow. Ability to brainstorm and collaborate is more among twitter users. The study, conducted by, an assistant professor of education at the university, found that using Twitter helped to brainstorm and collaborate.”Tweeting is now a new literary practice,” said Christina, She also research on the growing use of twitter among highschoolers.  “It is revolutionizing what we experience, what we read and what we write”. It is noted that twitter is increasingly used as a collaborative tool rather than a simple micro-blogging website. It is a platform where people would rely on the answers we get from masses when we have a question to answer. If I have ten thousand followers, I would expect a reply from any of these ten thousand followers, Sometimes it may take few minutes to get that reply or even few seconds to get it. Is that not a great thing only a great networking platform can offer.

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