Social SEO – A Smart Move


With Traditional SEO practices, It would be hard to rank on highly competitive keywords. Social "social seo"SEO would help to make your catch better. A tweet that wins lot of retweets can win the attention of other social media users and search robots as well. A facebook like or google +ses would bring the same effect. It is important to harness the power of social media to the maximum to frame your seo strategies. I would suggest some easy steps for this.

Improve your google plus presence

Google introduced social search to put more emphasis on genuine content shared through google’s social channels. A social media blogging link shared by Chris Brogan or Brian Solis would be more relevant in searches compared to an ordinary user. Gaining a plus in googleplus affects heavily on google’s social search platform.

Start Posting Articles Immediately on Social Media

Sharing the articles on social media would help to get it indexed quickly by search engines. Link your twitter with linkedin so that as and when you tweet that would be displayed in linkedin as well. Stumbleupon is a great social bookmarking platform with lot of serious genuine readers. Good articles would really get rewarded in stumbleupon platform.

Social Share Buttons

Include social share buttons in your website. The visitors from your website can be directed to your social web profiles using these buttons.

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