Is Social Media AND Seo – Worth For Money Spent ?


Social Media agencies are sprouting all over the world. Agencies are here to attract customers promising them good business though their websites. There are more websites social mediathan it was in 2005. There are many social media experts than any other professionals in the world. You would buy twitter followers from various sources on internet. It is true that small businesses have lot of fish to be caught from the social media pool like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. It doesn’t make sense only because you have signed with a social media or SEO agency by paying $1000 – $4000 per month, You would get hand full of customers or clients. SEO is definitely a time consuming process and involves lot of money and time to get any fruitful result. Small companies cannot afford to lose either money or time to get viable results from these activities. Social media would be affordable for small business. Business would understand that the business generated from Social Media or SEO would be 4 times or 6 times more than the amount spent on these services. Then only a feasible proposition would be made out of social media management services.

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