Social Media Influence and Klout


"klout score"Klout is an awesome tool to measure your real influence on social media. It measures your ability to initiate action among the followers in your network. Each and every message you sent out through social media is having some impact on your followers. Klout measures your social media influence in a 100 point scale called Klout score. The more the klout score, the more would be your influence. Klout measures your influence using 3 parameters.

True Reach:      True reach implies how many people you influence through your messages. It measures the number of people who respond to your messages through retweets in twitter or likes in facebook.

Amplification:  Amplification indicates up to what extend you influence people. It means when you post a message, how many people are involved in spreading your message to people in their network.

Network: Network denotes the influence of people in your true reach. How many top influencers are responding to your messages and how often?

All the above mentioned factors influences your klout score. Klout is a simple and useful tool for measuring your social media influence.

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