Social Media for b2b Marketing


Social Media is effectively used in b2b Marketing. 86% of the firms are using social media as a "Social Media Stats"part of their marketing strategy.

There are over 140 million tweets every day

a. At an average of 15 words per tweet that is equivalent to tweeting the entire contents of the Encyclopedia every day.

b. There are over 200 million twitter users

c. Twitter is less than the size of facebook.

Facebook has over 500 million active users

a.       If facebook is a country, It would be third largest country in the world.

b.      Half of the population of the US uses Facebook

c.       And only 77% of the population uses internet

d.      Facebook pages are viewed from work place more than any other website, including Google

B2B Buyers

37% of  b2b buyers say they posted questions on social networking sites before purchasing to look for suggessions

a.       That’s more than the percent of people who still use yellow pages

b.      20% of b2b buyers connected directly with potential providers via social networking

c.       59% of b2b buyers shared learning from their research and buying

 93% of all those social media users believe companies should have a social media presence

Lead Generation

Small to medium b2b businesses with over 50 twitter followers generated twice as many online leads

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