Social Bookmarking and Social Networking Combined


Social Bookmarking and social networking is very much associated with each other and "socialmedia"different components of the social web. I tried to combine these two and the results were astonishing. You would share your content url with stumbleupon. It would inturn generate another url with stumbleupon. This page directs to your website or blog and you would view your website using the tool bar of stumbleupon itself. You would inturn share it in twitter or facebook to share your stumbleupon page about your website content. You would post it at once at Twitter or Facebook to attract your followers to give thumps up to your content and push it up in the stumbleupon. Users of stumbleupon, Twitter and Facebook would be your potential reach to push your content in stumbleupon. It means your potential reach is widened to get the page favored in stumbleupon.

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    Online world is different world form the real world. social bookmarking has great professional skill that can easily online work through this skill hence most seo experts have desired that take online work and promote seo skill.

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    I usually don’t leave remarks at blogs, but your post inspired me to comment on your blog. Thank you for sharing!

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    I think social bookmarking sites are gradually incorporating the features of social networking . Digg, Stumbleupon are the best example of that. Now some CMS like Hotaru also adding such features in their websites.

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    Social Bookmarking is the best way to help spread valuable information. Social bookmarks are a way for you to save links to posts you’ve found helpful, and others can subscribe to your bookmarks. By bookmarking a blog, story or news article, you create a home for it where you can easily access it and refer to it again later. Thanks for Your Great Post.

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