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Making a blog could be an easy thing but converting them into a successful one is really a difficult task to accomplish. Blogging involves a number of "promote blog"things, which include creating a blog, choosing a theme to make your blog coherent and consistent. Then you need to create your own discipline to post over your blog on a regular basis. And with settling all these things, you strive hard to get the traffic and readers for your blog. There are many ways to promote your blog. One of the best ways is to promote it over Google communities as it gives you several benefits, which is not possible over other platforms. Google Plus has introduced a new feature called Google Communities, which help you in promoting your blog. The following are some of the best ways of promoting your blog using Google Communities.

Produce high quality content

Content plays a very important role when it comes to promoting over Google Community. Without producing a cornerstone content wherein your readers are able to find some valuable information, you may not be able to leverage from Google Community. Nothing can really beat high quality and original content, hence before publishing the content over your blog, you invest good amount of your time and efforts in checking and proofreading the text. At the same time maintain a conversational tone over different posts. In this fashion, you will be able to build up an emotional connection with your readers, which will stay for long.

Be alert and interact with your niche

Most of the times the readers tend to ignore to respond the posts just because you (blogger) simply forget to reply their comments. Hence when you come over Google Communities, make sure you remain alert and active while you join groups of the same niche area. The Google Community is designed to support relationship between different members found in the community, whereas this platform acts like a vessel wherein you could easily declare your interests and join different communities along with getting the opportunity to invite other people to join your group as well.

Making your profile interesting

Your profile talks a lot, which happens to be a vital thing for promoting your blog. This could carry your name and your blog where you publish your content. If the users find your posts interesting, which you share over the public Google Community, they would be attracted towards your profile to gain more details about you. During this process, they will click at your blog’s links and check over some other informative or valuable posts, which could help them in enriching their area of knowledge. Hence make sure you create high quality profile and keep it updated on a regular interval.

Engage your readers with online contests

There are many social media networks, which allow you to organize several online contents with the help of coupons and freebies to attract people. Similarly, Google Communities also support you in organizing a number of such contests in a more attractive manner, in fact better than other social media platforms. All you need to do is to simply create a blog post with the help of mechanics and reward for the contest and share over the Google Community. Give details about the way you are going to announce the winners of the content by motivating the reader to subscribe your RSS feeds, which will help them to remain informed.

Final word

With Google Community, Google Plus seems to be giving competition to Facebook and other social media sites. It allows you to promote, share and discuss your blog and other content. If you want to use Google Communities to promote your blog, consider the above ways of doing so and end up building up a good reader base.

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