How to get people to follow you on Twitter?


Getting Twitter followers would not do much good unless they are not targeted. There is no easy method to get them. Being active in twitter is the best mantra for being successful in twitter."more twitter followers"

Content – As in any other information media, content is important in twitter as well. Twitter restricts the word count to 140 characters. These short messages are called tweets. Tweets shall be concise and capable of conveying the idea to your followers in a sentence or two.

To Learn how to write good tweets Read the article.

How to write good tweets?

Hashtags – Use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords in yourTweet to categorize those Tweets to make it visible in twitter search. By clicking the hash tagged word would show all tweets with that keyword. You may add  hashtag in your tweet before appropriate keyword to attract the attention of people who search for it on twitter.

Use Follow me link in your tweet – You may add a follow me link in your blog. If you are using word press or any other opensource CMS platform. There may be many plugins which can be installed easily to add this button. Follow me button would direct the website visitor to your twitter profile. This would help you to convert your website visitors into your followers.

Email Signature – You may include your twitter id with email signatures. So that it would attract the attention of people who read your emails. This would convert your email recipients into your followers.

Follow to get follow back – When you follow people. Some people may follow back. You may expect a 30% of people would follow back. You would follow people who is interested in your tweets. People who are interested in pregnancy help may not be an ideal target for you if you are selling web hosting space. It would do good if you add followers of a web hosting company or a web designing company. Your tweets may sound interesting for them. There are some drawbacks when you get followers through follow back. Read my previous post

Followback Followers – What to expect?

Recommendations and Follow Friday

You may recommend others by making a list of suggested people to follow. Friday is a day for recommending your friends to other followers. You may recommend your friends by using “#Followfriday” Tag. Then you may write their user id one after the other with @username separated by “commas” . You may also use #FF as well, The abbreviation of  Followfriday.






By doing followfriday recommendations, You would be noticed by all who are involved in the list. People who are in the list retweets it for getting more attention. You would be getting a publicity as long as the list circulates among the people among the list. If the suggested people haves more followers, More would be your reach and less would be the visibility of the message and if the suggested people have less followers, more will be your visibility and less will be the reach of the message. To read more about the visibility and reach read this article.

Having more followers Versus Less Followers

Your reach would be the sum total of all followers who retweets the #FF recommendations. Recommendations may not be necessarily be #followfriday recommendations. You may simply recommend good tweeples to build a list to get retweets from the people in the list.

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