Social Media for b2b Marketing


Social Media is effectively used in b2b Marketing. 86% of the firms are using social media as a "Social Media Stats"part of their marketing strategy.

There are over 140 million tweets every day

a. At an average of 15 words per tweet that is equivalent to tweeting the entire contents of the Encyclopedia every day.

b. There are over 200 million twitter users

c. Twitter is less than the size of facebook.

Facebook has over 500 million active users

a.       If facebook is a country, It would be third largest country in the world.

b.      Half of the population of the US uses Facebook

c.       And only 77% of the population uses internet

d.      Facebook pages are viewed from work place more than any other website, including Google

B2B Buyers

37% of  b2b buyers say they posted questions on social networking sites before purchasing to look for suggessions

a.       That’s more than the percent of people who still use yellow pages

b.      20% of b2b buyers connected directly with potential providers via social networking

c.       59% of b2b buyers shared learning from their research and buying

 93% of all those social media users believe companies should have a social media presence

Lead Generation

Small to medium b2b businesses with over 50 twitter followers generated twice as many online leads

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Import Email lists to Linkedin


You would upload email addresses from an excel spreadsheet or simply by entering email addresses line after line or separated by comas.

"linkedin email"

You would easily send invitations to people who are outside linkedin contact list. There are two options. If you have an excel spread sheet with email list. You would simply click the button “Save as” and save it as .csv then you may upload it by clicking “upload contacts file”. You have another alternative as well. You may copy all the contacts the paste it to the text box “Invite by Individual Email” Button. Email addresses shall be pasted one after the other or separated by “commas”.

"Email Marketing"

You would reach this page by clicking “Add connections” You would see Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, Hotmail or any email. You would click any email and it will direct you to the page where you would add email list.

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Facebook Mobile advertising: is it worth your time?


Facebook is certainly a word we all know or care about. With time, Mark Zuckerberg and company started "Facebook advertisement"providing support mechanism for Facebook over a variety of gadgets. Facebook Mobile is an example of that. Accessing your Facebook account through mobile phones is something that required quite a bit of changes from developers. Facebook and Advertising It is moderately known that most of the revenues generated by Facebook come from the huge amount of advertising that gets done over Facebook. One even can go as far as to say that Facebook runs its entire business over the amount of money generated by ad-revenues. But the problem with Facebook mobile advertising is the area of access users get through a mobile phone is very limited. This scarcely allows any scope for any sort of high level dynamic advertising. From a layman’s point of view, it can be understood from the size of screen of Mobile phones and the screen size of any computer. It is quite needless to mention that the difference is quite huge. Types of Facebook Mobile ads Before one can jump to any conclusion about whether this advertising of Facebook mobile is worth their time or not, they need to understand the types of advertisements Facebook generate over Mobile applications. As mentioned earlier, it is quite difficult and cumbersome to put dynamic adverts through Facebook Mobile. But, Facebook still introduced several types of adverts that get shown on the news feeds of a particular user. Sponsored stories and links get prioritised in this case. Promoted links from a page that the user ‘liked’ are shown on the news feed. The activities of friends are also important when it comes to promoting products through Facebook Mobile advertising. Ad in-line is the feature that Facebook uses in order to accomplish this particular feat. This allows to provide similar ad-experience over both Desktop and handheld devices. Success of Mobile ads Mobile advertising achieved a reasonable amount of success from the business point of view of Facebook. More and more advertisers are opting for advertising over this particular medium. The reason can be the less competition in advertising over Facebook mobile. The mobile interface of Facebook does not have all those birthday reminders and event reminders. So naturally the advertisements get placed on the news feed of the user. As the point of focus of any user remains on their news feed, this is a better way to get advertisements noticed by users. The hindrances But just like any new venture or feat, this mobile advertising feature also comes with a cost. The primary objective of Facebook is the retention of its users. Unlikely it may be, but with significant amount of unwanted adverts over their news feed, users may feel a bit queasy about accessing Facebook from mobile phones. So, it is a tactful and delicate process to control the amount of adverts over Facebook mobile. Whether these adverts are really worth your time or not that is something for you to decide. But it can be said that with all the facilities and pleasure you get from Facebook, perhaps it is worth to put up with the Facebook mobile advertising for the sake Facebook’s future.

"alyssa"About The Author: Alyssa is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and blogging. enjoys writing on social media and tech the most. She recently read an article about the new discovery feature on twitter for androidand is really excited about it. She has currently become a fan of Ping, a social media garment concept.She contributes to Julie Nguyen Brown Plastech.

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A study on Twitter and academics


A study was conducted recently on twitter to test the academic brilliance of students who use twitter over students who use facebook. Smart people tend to prefer twitter to "twitter acedemics"facebook. The research finding is published by Michigan State University. It is found that students who are users of twitter are not only interested in their studies but also scores higher grades. The study is headed by the assistant professor of education at the university, Mrs Christina Greenhow. Ability to brainstorm and collaborate is more among twitter users. The study, conducted by, an assistant professor of education at the university, found that using Twitter helped to brainstorm and collaborate.”Tweeting is now a new literary practice,” said Christina, She also research on the growing use of twitter among highschoolers.  “It is revolutionizing what we experience, what we read and what we write”. It is noted that twitter is increasingly used as a collaborative tool rather than a simple micro-blogging website. It is a platform where people would rely on the answers we get from masses when we have a question to answer. If I have ten thousand followers, I would expect a reply from any of these ten thousand followers, Sometimes it may take few minutes to get that reply or even few seconds to get it. Is that not a great thing only a great networking platform can offer.

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Building Linkedin Email Marketing List.


Building a Linkedin email marketing list out of normal email marketing list is much more "Email Marketing"beneficial compared to traditional email marketing. When we do email marketing though some bulk mail marketing software, It may go into spam or it may not be noticed by the recipients as promotion emails are not considered seriously by many recipients. Linked is a network of businessmen and professionals who seek good relationships at workplace. Each one haves different motives with linkedin. It can be for sales, marketing, job, professional help, public relations or what ever they find useful with linkedin. So an email from linkedin would not be ignored or neglected as it is delivered by a reliable source. Or sure the linkedin emails would never be gone to spam. Is that all an effective campaign needs? Yes. This makes the difference. Once you try it. You would feel the difference.

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Books on Social Media


There are many books on social media in the market. Here are some books which I would recommend you to read.

The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social by Jay Baer "The now revolution"and Amber Naslund

The NOW Revolution, authored by Jay Baer has evolved as a great speaker in the social media space and his speeches provide fruit for thought on social business. Combining his knowledge with Amber Naslund, former Vice President of Social Strategies for the most popular social media monitoring software Radian6, The book defines how social media impacts businesses in real time. It explains you how to thrive and sustain in the competitive business world with the hedge of social web.

Twitter Power by Joel Comm

The book describes straight forward techniques used by Mr. Joel Comm to do good tweeting. The "twitter power"book showcases real case studies of business houses on the frontier of the Twitter revolution, to help you design and implement your own social networking strategies.  It describes about the good practices to earn respect and influence on Twitter. In this book, The celebrity author Mr. Joel Comm suggests some methods of getting targeted followers though some simple techniques the author used to succeed in his internetTwitter is much respected in Social media arena. So Joelcomm’s twitter power needs to be respected as a straightforward book which throws light to many emerging tweeples and respects the policies of twitter as well and so it sold a million copies all over the world and I also proudly owns one copy. In short it is a higly recommended resource for all who seeks good practices in twitter.

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Social SEO – A Smart Move


With Traditional SEO practices, It would be hard to rank on highly competitive keywords. Social "social seo"SEO would help to make your catch better. A tweet that wins lot of retweets can win the attention of other social media users and search robots as well. A facebook like or google +ses would bring the same effect. It is important to harness the power of social media to the maximum to frame your seo strategies. I would suggest some easy steps for this.

Improve your google plus presence

Google introduced social search to put more emphasis on genuine content shared through google’s social channels. A social media blogging link shared by Chris Brogan or Brian Solis would be more relevant in searches compared to an ordinary user. Gaining a plus in googleplus affects heavily on google’s social search platform.

Start Posting Articles Immediately on Social Media

Sharing the articles on social media would help to get it indexed quickly by search engines. Link your twitter with linkedin so that as and when you tweet that would be displayed in linkedin as well. Stumbleupon is a great social bookmarking platform with lot of serious genuine readers. Good articles would really get rewarded in stumbleupon platform.

Social Share Buttons

Include social share buttons in your website. The visitors from your website can be directed to your social web profiles using these buttons.

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Getting Started with Social Media


There are many social networking sites to choose from. Each network haves it’s own unique "social media"features, users and advantages.

Select the Community – What community actually suits your business. You may do a research about your business. Whether your company is mentioned in tweets? You found a video uploaded in you tube about your company or Do your corporate blog have a like in facebook etc.

What social network works best for you?

Before you choose the social network, you have to analyze the nature of business or nature of the product or services you offer. If your business have a great portfolio to share with, facebook and pinterest would be a great option. If your product needs instant support, Twitter would be the best option for you as your tweets would reach even the mobile handsets. If you are looking for b2b customers, Then linked would do good.

What a blog would do?

If you are provide a service or you are a professional. You would provide lot of free quality content to people in the social web. A blog would do the job. It should be well connected with social websites by providing share buttons, like buttons and tweet button. There would be a fair interconnection between your social networks and blogs.

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Google spills the magic beans


If you wished all your childhood to get your hands on the same beans as Jack and wait for them to grow "android beans"into a lustrous beanstalk bringing unimagined treasures, then here’s your chance. Google has disclosed the features of the upcoming version of Android called Jelly Bean and fortunately for consumers and developers, it is loaded with brand new goodies. Android 4.1 update will be out in mid-July, so hold on to your cows a little longer for they might come in handy to get you the best deal as there are features in Jelly Bean that out vie iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Developing a sweet tooth

Google is taking the updating of apps and the idea of push notifications to a whole new level, among other things. Smart Widgets as introduced in Android 4.1 will be capable of automatically resizing and adjusting according to the point where they are dropped on the home screen by the user, taking into account the space available and the size to which the user wants to expand them. These new intelligent widgets will be responsive in a way that whenever a user drags and drops them, the screen space will be managed by all other icons and widgets making room. These smart widgets seem light years ahead when juxtaposed with what iOS and Windows phone has to offer. Apple has not yet introduced widgets for iOS while Windows Phone has integrated live tiles, which despite being customizable are fixed boxes stuck to one home screen as opposed to Android widgets that can work with a number of home screens.

This new update further entails changes in Android Beam which enables sharing pictures, video and other content by using Bluetooth. This works as the user makes a request for transfer, the Android Beam switches from Near Field Communication to Bluetooth. Imagine the ease that Jelly Bean has introduced by pioneering the capacity for NFC to connect devices by tapping the phone to a Bluetooth device. So, Google again takes the lead in integrating NFC on smart phones.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Jelly bean has brought a fancy treat for our gluttonous appetite for getting all the latest app updates as quickly as possible and with the minimum bandwidth usage. Smart app updates is the new feature that delivers app updates more efficiently to its users. Google play only delivers the parts of an app update to devices that have been changed rather than sending the entire APK. This will benefit users by speeding up downloads and by conserving the bandwidth on data plans as well as the device battery usage. This will prove to be efficient not just for the users but also the developers and security companies.

Google further describes stark changes in the Android notifications whereby apps can display richer and larger notifications that can be resized merely with a pinch. These richer notifications support new multimedia content as well. Jelly Bean is also introducing Google voice search, something along the lines of Siri but stronger due to the company’s well known search engine.

The innovations that Google has in store for the Android 4.1 update are certainly unparalleled in a plethora of ways. Whether these new features stir up a spirit of development among the rivals or are to remain with Google is a matter for the future to unfold.

"guest blogger"

Author Bio:- Stella Rebecca’s major effort has revolved around latest gadgets. Recently she’s been playing with the many Spy software for Blackberry that are diverting the interest of the new generation. Readers can find out more about what’s most recent and happening in the Blackberry spyware

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How do you Tweet Someone


Businesses are increasingly using twitter as a tool for their marketing, support, public relations, "twitter bird"online advertisement, branding, recruiting and even communicating among your peers.

Questions and Answers – Twitter is a place where you can ask questions. Asking questions would invite the attention of experts. You would get the attention of others by answering the questions as well.

Be a Regular Tweeter but Not Too Often – Tweet regularly and consistently about your area of interest. Also tweet about things surrounding you or what is happening with you. You would do it regularly and not very frequently to just avoid treating your tweets to be considered as a spam.

Keep your followers entertained and well informed – Some tweets are funny while some others are informative. Do not fill your twitter timeline with spams or aggressive promotional stuff. This would gradually make your tweets ignored or you may be unfollowed as well.

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