Linkedin ads – How to Make the Best out of it


Target your Linkedin ads

"linkedin ads"Well before you start ad campaign in linkedin. You should know about your target prospects. You should serve the ads to the most ideal demography would benefit from your ads. You may filter it based on job title, job type, industry, employee size, geography, gender, and LinkedIn group membership. If the ads reach the ideal prospects, Linkedin ads would bring gold for sure. If your business is having different product lines suitable for different market segments, then you would create customized ads for each target segment. An ad that would target a small business may not do good for the medium business segment. While filtering the prospects, the ideal demography should be decided well in advance to get maximum impact from the ads.

Test different variations of your campaign

Your ad content should be catchy. The linked ads shall be tested with different images, captions and phrases. You can add upto 15 different ads for each campaign. Linkedin displays top ads with high Click through rate most frequently. So it will receive even more clicks. Retain the ad which brings in the most number of clicks and stop displaying the ad which brings less CTR.

Display the ads at right time

Linkedin allows you to set a daily budget for your ads. Ads are displayed at different rates. It depends on how active the linkedin users are during that time. People would be more active at morning.

Measure the performance of your ads.

Measure the CTR of your ad. A CTR of .025 or more would be good proposition in Linkedin. You would also consider lead generation from the ads. A cost benefit analysis shall be made to evaluate the profitability of your ads.

A good landing page

A good landing page is very much essential for generating genuine leads through your website. The landing page would be carefully designed to persuade the prospect to fill a contact form or post an inquiry through your website.

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