Write Tweets – How to write winning Tweets?


Twitter allows you to write messages less than 140 characters of length. These messages are "twitter writer"called “tweets”. So twitter is widely known as a micro-blogging website.Twitter sparked the fire for a new revolution in micro-blogging and social networking arena. Writing tweets can be considered as an art as it involves lot of thinking and creativity.

A well written tweet will be well influenced by the people who read it. It would rather increase the click-through rates of the links included in the messages as well. Use correct grammar and spelling when you write your tweets. It is not advisable to use acronyms or abbreviations in your tweets. A well written tweet would let the readers know that you are serious and well informed about the subject matter you are tweeting about. Your message would be just enough to convey the meaning with a flavor of attraction added it it to induce the reader to click on the link. It means it would be concise.A developer launches his new iphone app called expense tracker. “Download http//xxx.com” This tweet might be short but lacks the flavour of attraction in it. You should add that flavor which would taste good for your followers, Otherwise it would be dry and attracts less clicks.

As I said, It is always better to have a blog and write something interesting about the app in the blog to attract traffic to the blog from twitter. But here we are not going into detail about it. Everyone may not be having a blog too. So let us add flavor to this tweet for direct promotion. Avoid using words with implications about direct promotion like sales, download, Grab etc in your tweets because people are inherently reluctant to such sales promotion activities. Words would be appealing and inviting to the readers to pull them to your website. Also try to put some anxiety into the tweets which would induce them to click on the link.  Now we can re modify the tweet this way “Interested to keep control of your expenses? It is easy Get it done with our app e-expense and stay informed http://xxx.com/yy.”

A well written tweet would increase your click through and also increases your influence in twitter as well and thereby enhances your capability to penetrate your tweets into the followers and others in the twitter pool.

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