Google spills the magic beans


If you wished all your childhood to get your hands on the same beans as Jack and wait for them to grow "android beans"into a lustrous beanstalk bringing unimagined treasures, then here’s your chance. Google has disclosed the features of the upcoming version of Android called Jelly Bean and fortunately for consumers and developers, it is loaded with brand new goodies. Android 4.1 update will be out in mid-July, so hold on to your cows a little longer for they might come in handy to get you the best deal as there are features in Jelly Bean that out vie iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Developing a sweet tooth

Google is taking the updating of apps and the idea of push notifications to a whole new level, among other things. Smart Widgets as introduced in Android 4.1 will be capable of automatically resizing and adjusting according to the point where they are dropped on the home screen by the user, taking into account the space available and the size to which the user wants to expand them. These new intelligent widgets will be responsive in a way that whenever a user drags and drops them, the screen space will be managed by all other icons and widgets making room. These smart widgets seem light years ahead when juxtaposed with what iOS and Windows phone has to offer. Apple has not yet introduced widgets for iOS while Windows Phone has integrated live tiles, which despite being customizable are fixed boxes stuck to one home screen as opposed to Android widgets that can work with a number of home screens.

This new update further entails changes in Android Beam which enables sharing pictures, video and other content by using Bluetooth. This works as the user makes a request for transfer, the Android Beam switches from Near Field Communication to Bluetooth. Imagine the ease that Jelly Bean has introduced by pioneering the capacity for NFC to connect devices by tapping the phone to a Bluetooth device. So, Google again takes the lead in integrating NFC on smart phones.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Jelly bean has brought a fancy treat for our gluttonous appetite for getting all the latest app updates as quickly as possible and with the minimum bandwidth usage. Smart app updates is the new feature that delivers app updates more efficiently to its users. Google play only delivers the parts of an app update to devices that have been changed rather than sending the entire APK. This will benefit users by speeding up downloads and by conserving the bandwidth on data plans as well as the device battery usage. This will prove to be efficient not just for the users but also the developers and security companies.

Google further describes stark changes in the Android notifications whereby apps can display richer and larger notifications that can be resized merely with a pinch. These richer notifications support new multimedia content as well. Jelly Bean is also introducing Google voice search, something along the lines of Siri but stronger due to the company’s well known search engine.

The innovations that Google has in store for the Android 4.1 update are certainly unparalleled in a plethora of ways. Whether these new features stir up a spirit of development among the rivals or are to remain with Google is a matter for the future to unfold.

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