Google Plus – Next Big Thing in Buisness


Googleplus is a social networking platform, But it can be viewed from different angles. It is like facebook or it can be like twitter. It has a great potential as a very good communication "Google plus"and networking platform. As it is a social networking website owned by the search engine giant google, googleplus pages are indexed by by google and other search engines as well. You can group your connections under different circles and send specific and targeted messages to people in that particular circle. It allows you to share information to people who actually need it.

 Hedge over other Social Networking Platforms

  • Google and other search engines index all pages in google plus where as facebook pages are not indexed by search engines.
  • Google plus lets you post more than 140 characters than twitter do.
  • Linkedin is much of a business networking website rather than a birds eye view of a business person.
  • Picture displays are getting more comments and interactions than flicker is having.

 Google plus is having a true hedge over other social networking platforms eventhough google plus is a new entrant to the social networking space.

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