How to Get Followers to a Website


Getting followers towards other content pages is one of the most common uses of twitter. , You "get followers to your website"might also want to send them to a purchase page or registration page as well. Some might even expect their followers to click on the ads placed in their website. You cannnot tell your followers directly to do what you expect. Writing blogs would make your readers entertained and it attracts readers in two ways. It attracts readers from outside twitter by way of SEO and referrals from other websites such as directories, social bookmarking websites or forums. Secondly it brings readers from social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. Slowly your followers who visits your website by clicking the links you provide with your messages will be your regular readers. Offering some discount coupons is one good way to get followers to a website. Pay the followers something to visit your website. Continuous and regular updates about the subject matter discussed in your website would bring in genuine readers. Make sure the content is uniue and interesting and carefully drafted when you post it in your social media website.  Here is a post that would help you to write good tweets. The more the followers or friends you have in your network, the more the chances for it to get re-sent or retweeted or liked. So that your reach would be widened.

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