Facebook Is Calling Out To Hackers To Up Their Security


Facebook has been calling for computer geeks and ex-hackers to come and solve their privacy issues and find the loophole in their security system to make their database more secure. Hackers can find chinks in any company’s armor very easily due to their IT skills and for Facebook, a huge social networking platform, protecting its privacy is very important. Those who do find those chinks and help Facebook make their system stronger, will be rewarded with $500 and their names will be included in the “helpful hackers” list. Mobile spy apps have been a nuisance for a while, and the intrusion of android spy and other malware is what Facebook is looking to counter.

Good Cop Bad Cop

One might find an irony in the fact that Facebook is using hackers to counter hacking into their system. The only difference between these hackers is that they are the “good” kind. Like those criminals that help the police find other criminals by acting as spies? Yes, these guys are exactly like that. Therefore, as the bad types of hackers try to enter into the security system of Facebook, the good ones will come together and work to make is as strong as possible, straightening out any kinks in the system so it could not be penetrated by any hacker or infected by any malware. Thus, cell phones on which Facebook is used would be saved from viruses and malware and the website could be used by users with maximum ease. Mobile phone spy apps are being increasingly targeted so that they can be removed completely.

No Biggie In Employing Criminals

It has become a common practice that hackers are used by companies for solving security issues. They employ hackers to attack into their system so that they could make their security base stronger and find out the loopholes in that way. Similarly, Facebook is getting the good guys to do this job after making It clear to them that they would only work within ethical boundaries and not use this opportunity for their own “evil” means. Facebook has also clarified that it will take time into considering the hackers’ reports and thus these faults will be publicized at a later date.

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

It is a great opportunity for hackers or IT professionals to get a shiny star on their CVs as working for Facebook and helping such a big social media site to make its security system better is a big deal. Apart from the handsome $500 bill, having their name added to the helper’s list is going to earn the hackers valuable recognition; therefore, educated or not, experienced or not, if one proves himself in this Facebook initiative, it is going to really benefit him career wise.

Facebook’s Not The Only One

Apart from Facebook, many companies like Microsoft and Australian app developers have already hired very well known hackers who have committed hacking crimes in the past. An example is of George Hotz who hacked the PlayStation 3 console. He was sued by Sony but was hired by Facebook recently. Facebook is hiring such criminals and mega minds of the hacking world to build strong fortresses around its system. The fact that criminals are welcomed by such big companies with open arms shows how desperate they are to use these smart minds to protect their security and database. There are already 115 people signed up for this Facebook initiative and keeping the prize in mind, the number is surely going to increase to a great level

A guest blog by Jane Andrew. Jane Andrew is the author of mobile spy and android spy technology. She provides tips, tricks about cell phone security and privacy. You can also follow her on Twitter @janeandrew01 to get the latest tips about cell phone and computer security.

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