Facebook Brand Pages – How to make it effective?


Facebook brand pages options are contantly enhanced, The business users of facebook are "facebook logo"trying to brand and market their pages while trying keep updated with the frequent changes. The strategy to increase facebook likes you used last month may not be so effective in this dynamic scenario. I would like to share some quick branding tips that would make it easier for prospecting your leads and it would increase your facebook fans as well.

  • The url to be branded - A fanbook brand page containing a bunch of numbers would reduce your visibility. Previously facebook needed 25 likes to get the fanpage named. You may go to www.facebook.com/username and set your name in the url.
  • Name the page correctly- You could not change the title of the page when you have 100 friends in facebook. So make sure you have selected your title wisely. Your brand name would be most ideal name as people search by your brand name.
  • Prospects to be driven to the welcome tab - What your prospects need is valuable information. A justifiable reason to be your fan would bring in more people to your friends list. Instead of having the wall as a landing page, just set up a welcome tab. A greeting or an ebook or what ever you find attractive to your target visitors would be ideal here.
  • Free offers or Gifts - You would keep your fans encouraged with several offers or freebies to keep them engaged. You would launch a small game or a poll to keep people engaged with some activity would be a good idea to make your existing fans to promote you to their friends.                                                                                                                    Facebook brand pages are interactive tools for business. So it is as important as a website. So it is important to brand your facebook brand page well. It would bring in a steady stream of visitors for sure.
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    very nice and good to read, i hope that every one will like this very much
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