Email marketing with Linkedin


Email marketing is more effective when you do it with linkedin. Users are seriously "linkedin email marketing"interested in business networking and so the email are not unexpected or junk in linkedin. Emails are more targeted and genuine unlike purchased email marketing lists. Emails would be considered more seriously in Linkedin. Email marketing would be done in many ways using linkedin.

Basic Message Inbox – You would compose Email just like in yahoo mail or gmail and send to people who are already connected to you. You would select the recipients of the message by selecting the checkbox beside their names.

InMail – Inmail is a facility available for paid linkedin users. You would send Inmail to people who are connected to you. Inmail would be sent to People who have opted to receive inmail from others. You would send more inmails when you add a bigger paid package of linkedin. click Send InMail in the right side of the person’s profile to send the email.

Group announcements – Group announcements would let you send messages to the members of your linkedin group. You could not select the recipients individually when you select group emals. So it is important to make sure that your message would match with the interest of the group as well.

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