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7 Tips For Marketing Via Twitter

The 140-characters social network somehow has become attractive for promoting business online. And if you want your business to become a success, it’s a worthy idea to take this into consideration and supply your business with presence in Twitter. First of all, find out if your target audience is concentrated here. If the answer is [...]

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Top 10 best social networks

The usage of social networking sites has changed over the past few years, as the likes of Twitter and Facebook have taken over as the most popular social networking sites from some of the earlier such as MySpace. Thanks to smartphones it has never been easier to connect with friends and family via social networking [...]

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Is Social Media AND Seo – Worth For Money Spent ?

Social Media agencies are sprouting all over the world. Agencies are here to attract customers promising them good business though their websites. There are more websites than it was in 2005. There are many social media experts than any other professionals in the world. You would buy twitter followers from various sources on internet. It [...]

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Dealing with Criticism on Social Media

Dealing with Criticism on Social Media Social media has become a powerful tool for connecting with customers and potential customers. The conversation that takes place there can have a big impact on your company’s image and reputation. Therefore, when you experience criticism on any of your social media networks – whether on your own profile [...]

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Top Twitter Imperatives for Bloggers

Most bloggers are used to writing blog posts on topics that demand word length of 400 to 600 words. They find it extremely challenging to write blog post with word limit restricted to a mere 140 words. Twitter is all about beingcrisp and sharp in approach. Slightest error can cause a great loss in the [...]

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Social Media Marketing World Summit

“Social Media Marketing world” opens door for Extensive Networking opportunities in social media space. It would be a great chance to connect with great social media marketing experts. Extensive Knowledge sharing session is organized by Over 60 Marketing Experts shall share their views and experiences about social media. To name a few of them [...]

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Promote Your Blog on Google Communities: Ways

Making a blog could be an easy thing but converting them into a successful one is really a difficult task to accomplish. Blogging involves a number of things, which include creating a blog, choosing a theme to make your blog coherent and consistent. Then you need to create your own discipline to post over your [...]

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The Role of Social Media in Business Promotions

Success in business often revolves around promotions. Even if you have the greatest product or service in the world, it cannot “social media”sell if no one knows about it. Ironically, some of the worst products and services have been able to sell thanks to effective marketing promotional strategies. No matter what you are selling, you [...]

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Linkedin – Fake Profiles Sprouting

The number of fake profile are increasing in linkiedin as Linkedin restricts the number of persons which would be added to a single account.  Linkedin restricts adding people who are not known to the user. When an account is started on linkedin, it asks for your gmail, yahoo or Hotmail id. From there it picks [...]

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How social Media would help your small business?

Social media would help your grow and your brand equity can be improved. Make sure you have a plan well before you start with something. Whom you have to reach with social media is the first thing to be decided as a part of the social media strategy. What all social networking websites to be [...]

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