7 Tips For Marketing Via Twitter


The 140-characters social network somehow has become attractive for promoting business online. And if you want your business to twitter-7-tipsbecome a success, it’s a worthy idea to take this into consideration and supply your business with presence in Twitter. First of all, find out if your target audience is concentrated here. If the answer is “yes” – well, you’ll have to learn how to promote through Twitter. As any other network, this one has its own tricks to consider while creating your marketing company:

  1. Bother yourself with proper filling in your profile, including adding an image and contact information with links to your web resources. Yes, I know that it’s old like the world, but if it is, why so many people neglect it? Your profile info is the face of your business. Which of you will be willing to contact the faceless one?
  2. Post tweets regularly. What’s the reason to follow the empty page? Allocate a space of time every day to share some useful (or just funny) information with your followers. In the same time, don’t rack your brains over what to say, just try to present your business or some news of your field in an informal way.
  3. The result won’t come at once. Be patient and accept the fact that the very dame day you’ve created a Twitter page your sales won’t boost for 30%. It might take several months to become interesting and collect a huge audience, or your future clients.
  4. Use the keywords. Make the list of keywords that describe your business and use them in writing the tweets. By the way, it can become a kind of solution when you don’t know what to write about.
  5. Be real, honest and open to conversation with your clients. Answer the questions honestly, even if something is far not perfect, you’d better admit it than show yourself is a liar. Being a transparent increases trust to you and to what you sell, accordingly.
  6. Concentrate on communication. I mean, it’s not about following back everyone who followed you, but always follow those who re-tweet you or provide a good feedback. Follow the companies which might be interested in your business, and maybe one day you will build a far-going business relationship.
  7. Share the content that might be interesting for your target audience. Yes, you’ve created this page to promote your business, share links to your goods, a useful info etc. But don’t concentrate on it. There’s always time for a joke or a link to a cool infographics. Being offbeat always drags attention.

Twitter is not the tool to provide you an instant business result, neither any social network is. But it’s not the reason to neglect it. Just pay regular attention to your page – and communicate even more as it’s the main thing that works.

"Author Phoo"About the author: Paul Smith is a writer of  www.essay-writing-service.us . His hobby is writing the posts on the wide range of topics, include business, social media, SEO and IT. Paul can be contacted on Facebook

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